Affordable domain providers alternatives (.FR)

Hi there,
I’m wondering if you can help me to list some affordable French/European domain providers for .fr(And alternatives to big USA players like google, goddady, namescheap, etc). I would like to start migrating my domains into a more local providers but I know little about the subject.
5.38 HT yearly (no special offers)
6.99 HT yearly (4.99 HT first year)
8.99 HT yearly (2.99 HT first year)
10 HT yearly (1 HT first year)
10.99 HT yearly (6.99 first year)
14.40 HT yearly
24.90 HT yearly (free first year)

Hi there!

Don’t forget OVH

There’s also Amen which I do not recommend for the same reasons i wouldn’t recommend 1&1/IONOS (big corporate player, customer service isn’t a priority for them, quantity over quality).
Keep in mind though: i’m saying that based on old experience, it might have changed since then.

I use BookMyName.

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Me to…

Thanks everyone for the answers, I updated the original post with those. I will give a try to bookmyname :smiley:

Hy !
There is also

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