After the LSM meeting


Hi @popi @Nebulae and @pyg

I just wanted to make a start of our “non french speaking hoster network” working group …
Should we try to sum up in english what we said at the LSM meeting ?
I’ll start a wiki post here below for us to co-write this…


ps : I hope the nick Nebulae belongs to the person that’s on the working group…


At the CHATONS meeting at LSM Strasbourg 11 July 2018 we talked about CHATONS and other language communities than French.
Let’s try to sum up in English here what we talked about :

Is i18n secondary or necessary for the CHATONS?

  • mixing cultures makes communication more difficult

  • further development of the charter would be a nightmare if it happens in several languages

  • voting on new members is already difficult with the existing community, how would that be with multiple languages

Decision : CHATONS should stay French speaking, other networks should develop in parallel and we should collaborate

  • Would exporting the CHATONS model to other language communities be the thing to go for ? It’s for sure a good thing to make it known ahead language borders.

  • It would be a good thing to have compatible charters.

  • Think of cooperation from the start : develop interchangeble maps and other infos on networks’ websites.


Hi. Thank you for the translation. Would be nice to hace (ir)regular summaries from the French branch.
Is this a good place to continue conversations from the matrix room, less chaotic?
If I may, I am going to put some potentially useful links here, of work that has been done in the UK and/or in English
Tech tools for activism: static site, out of date but good frame for development.


Hi @ana ,
I proposed using this forum in the matrix room, but some preferred to keep LHS and CHATONS separate.

I think we can just discuss wherever it seems comfy for us, as there will be no decisions before the November meeting. So for me it’s fine to talk here or almende or both or elsewhere.


Hey @ana, @agnez, care to come to FOSDEM and talk about CHATONS ?

Check out the Decentralized Room CFP.


sorry only saw this now,I’m trying to unsubscribe from these chatons.
Sorry I can not really travel at the moment