Hello hello,

I have been working on a minimal translation for the website. Working from prior work, I have now 3 pages ready for review (charter, manifest and homepage).

If you are or know an english reader, please feel welcome to review/contribute to the translation.

The 3 files ready for review are part of the merge request
You will need to create an account (or use Oauth) on framagit in order to provide feedback.



c’est les fichiers et qu’il faut lire je présume ?


Oui, c’est bien ça. Pour la page d’accueil il s’agit de


Hey @popi, sorry for the very late reply :frowning:
I just took time now to look at your work, I read your version of the charter so far. Looks good, thanks ! I made some proposals for changes, should I fork your project and upload my version there or should I post everything as a comment as you suggested?
I’ll do the other two texts tomorrow and then we should ask a native English speaker to correct…


I put my file as attachement in my comment on gitlab…


Alright, thanks!

As discussed on gitlab, I have integrated the generic changes (‘CHATON’ instead of ‘CHATONS’ to refer to a member of the collective), and left few things open to discussion within the Merge Request.

I am now reviewing the README changes, will update the gitlab accordingly (I have a problem with the use of ‘Internet Service Providers’, which would be misleading for the general public, and currently working on rewording the sentence).


Quick update: the translation is finalising in now. We are going to start pushing the translated pages.


Translation is online on ! The Merge Request on Gitlab will still be open for discussion until the end of the week. After that change will still be possible but will require new MR.


Thank you @popi, you rock !


ohh cool! only saw this now. thanks @popi


Cheers @agnez and @meganer! The MR has been merged this morning, however I am keeping this thread open for whoever wants to continue the translation work for other pages of the website.

I’ll check in again in a few weeks… hopefully there will be plenty to read!