Wallabag with LDAP patch (not official)


Following a discussion and great help from the LDAP patch developer, Ismael, on the French side of the forum, I wrote an article in English to write down all the required steps to get LDAP authentication on top of a freshly installed Wallabag instance.

It’s available at https://foss-notes.blog.nomagic.uk/2019/01/installing-wallabag-2-3-6-with-ldap-authentication/

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Hi @popi, thanks for the tutorial!

Some comments:

  • You forgot a closing ) in the header.
  • I’d prefer that you link to my git repository or https://www.immae.eu since my github account is only a mandatory account to be able to contribute on github projects (closed environment are closed :man_shrugging: )
  • Could you please state clearly that people should check https://git.immae.eu/?p=github/wallabag/wallabag.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/gitolite_local/ldap branch rather than just taking the patch that you quoted? (This branch follows wallabag’s releases, so it “should” be up to date)
  • The branch ^ has now two patches. The second one permits to avoid the high-cpu-consuming composer require --update-no-dev -o --prefer-dist fr3d/ldap-bundle

Sure, thanks for the feedback, I’ll edit away :wink:

@immae I’ve made few changes to make the procedure more generic based on your feedback.

Thanks for the changes @popi :slight_smile: