Chatons charter as a template

Hello Chatons,

currently I am part of a group that also wants to build a kind of collective like CHATONS and we are just at the point to think about what our requirements for members are.
I immediately thought of CHATONS and wanted to ask if we can use Chatons charter as a template.

Hi Tealk,

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Thanks, that’s very helpful for the beginning anyway.

How does it actually continue after the application, there are some points that can not be controlled without access to the server.
Do you trust the statements of the administrators?

That’s a good question I’m curious too

Currently, there is only a review during the application. Some example on how reviews are conducted:

A member of the collectif, fabrice, tries to audit the collective’s organizations once a year.
He named his initiative « Le Tour CHATONS », you can find his conclusions on this thread: CHATONS 2022 : Le Tour! (check the PDF files).

None of these reviews involve any access to the infrastructure, so, indeed, some points can not be « controlled ». But you must document your process (what data you collect, how, what is your backup strategy, what software you are using, etc.) and in most cases, it’s easy to tell if what you claims matches what we observe from the exterior.

Currently, there is also some debates on whether or not our rules are too strict. For example, we are close to requiring 100% free software, forbid many US service providers and refuse some technologies like CDN. But it appears that now uses Fastly as a CDN, so many of us are breaking this rule. It’s just an example, but there are many others that show that our CHATONS’ criterion are really hard to fulfill in the real life. And it’s without mentioning that other, non technique, criterion requires also a lot of energy, like finding a place where you can meet your users on a regular basis (like once a month).